Puto Swears Off Social Media Voting Contests


You would think the Social Media Puto would love these contests that force you to pester the fuck out of your readers to vote for you.

After all, the Puto has been very successful in getting his readers from his other, more serious blog, Photography is Not a Crime, to win several of these contests over the last few years.

PINAC won the 2010 Sun-Sentinel Best Overall Blog and the 2011 Sun-Sentinel Best Photography Blog as well as the 2010 South Florida Daily Blog Post of the Year, just to name a few.

The latter contest became such a Last Minute Landslide that Rick, who operates the SFDB, eliminated that part of the contest altogether.

Although the Puto is proud of playing a direct role in this decision, he never really liked these contests because they made him feel like such a whore.

And yes, the Puto is a whore, but he doesn’t like feeling like a cheap whore.

He would rather whore himself for free booze and food than online votes.The only reason he participated in the contests in the first place was because he has a very competitive spirit and wasn’t about to let someone else win, if he could help it.

But starting now, the Puto is swearing off these contests, even if his blog is in the running. He is still enough of a whore to appreciate if people would vote for him, but he is not going to pester them anymore.

And if somebody else wins these contests, that is ok too because the Puto can just take the typical cop-out routine by saying he never even participated.

And the Puto is surely not going to allow himself to be pestered to vote for these contests that pop up on Facebook on a daily basis where people are asking you to vote for their babies or some snapshot they took or even worse, the fucking companies they work for. It’s not like we’re on their payrolls, so why should we pretend to like that company that provides absolutely no service to us?

The main reasons that the Puto disagrees with these contests were laid out last month by a blogger named Mommy Niri.

She lists six reasons. The first one is listed below, which should be reason enough.

They give (others) good traffic!
Did you ever see where you could vote on your own site? No, all our links to votes are steered to the hosting parties website or their pages. So guess who is really winning the popularity contest? This all started as some (lazy) person’s way to increase traffic of brands and sadly it stuck. Notice any brands says constantly “Go vote for your favorite”? No? That’s because they have you doing it FOR FREE!

Even though Mommy Niri calls herself a mommy blogger, the list of sponsors on her right sidebar indicate she is a Social Media Puta. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

She obviously knows how to whore herself out for greenbacks and not measly little votes.

And for that, the Social Media Puto takes his SMP shower cap off for her.


  1. #1 by Social Media Consultant on June 7, 2011 - 4:30 pm

    As a social media consultant I have to disagree. I love the contests plus they can be lots of fun.

  2. #2 by harry on May 9, 2012 - 4:56 am

    what a rubish

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