Other Putos Make Their Pitch to the Social Media Puto

So the Social Media Puto has been unable to whore his way into any of the Miami Heat playoff games, which goes to show you just how much in demand they are.

Instead, he has to watch the games at either Hooter’s or Ale House, two of his favorite local establishment where there is plenty of Putiando taking place, especially between male customers and female bartenders.

One waitress gave him a free order of fries. Another waitress at the other restaurant gave him a free beer. All in the hopes that they would make the Social Media Puto blog.

But nobody is Putiando as much as fellow Miami Heat fan Damian Estevez who has spent the past week whoring a new Miami Heat music video created by his friend and local musician, Bryan Canales (or NaLes Music)

The song is called Miami Heat White Hot Anthem and sings about “all white everything” in regards to the Heat. But obviously Canales is not singing about skin color because we all know a team of all-whites will never makes the playoffs.

The white actually refers to the white portion in a flame, which is the hottest portion.

Here’s how Estevez explained in his message to the Social Media Puto:

The White Hot Anthem is a dedication to the Miami Heat basketball team written by local Miami music artist Bryan Canales aka NaLes.
The White Hot anthem embraces the Miami Heat players and the city of Miami as a whole and hopes to inspire other Miami’ians to jump aboard the white hot train to the championships.

We are very big heat fans and we thought “hmmm i wonder if the Heat Really know how passionate we are about them, how we are not and no longer be a bandwagon city because now we have 3 kings to make back to back championships to Miami” so we came up with a clever track Representing all that embodies Miami and Basketball in Miami.

The cool Part is this song and the concept of it was created with in 2 hour session at the home studio… we took it to our friends at Maybach Latino Music Group and they lloved it… we also took it to Huge Music / Hugo Diaz which is the producer responsible for Pitbulls Fame….. and he to has loved it…. we are working on getting this to the masses with a colaboration with other local miami music artists…

The video We created to highlight all that is embodied in the Miami Heats White Hot Theme…. because we feel that the White Hot theme makes what the Heat are… the White Part of a Flame is the purest and hotest part of the Flame…. and thats what we feel this track is.

We are currently and quickly creating the idea for the video which we want to film using the colaboration with the other artists…. we want to film it at the stadium and we want to film in the streets of miami basketball courts where we can show that we too can ball we too love basketball…. we too got what it takes to be champions

These guys are so good at Putiando that they might be able to whore themselves into one of the upcoming playoff games.

  1. #1 by Jeff Zelaya on May 3, 2011 - 11:57 am

    Okay! How so much did these guys pay you for this ad?

  2. #2 by Mike on May 16, 2011 - 2:29 pm

    Great stuff. Was hoping it would have been a little more risque. But then again, I don’t know what happen after the camera stopped rolling…


  3. #3 by Karl Sly on May 16, 2011 - 10:09 pm

    Social Media Puto, you’re awesome for creating this blog. All interesting reads that make me laugh, and never put me to sleep.

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