Homemade Chefs Cooking Classes Provide Festive Dinner Party Atmosphere

Chef George and his sister, Vanessa, are two of the most gracious hosts

Before the Social Media Puto discovered that restaurants would give him free food in exchange for tweets, he had to figure out other ways to satisfy his cravings for gourmet food.

After several unsuccessful attempts at trying to meet a woman in his age group who could actually cook, not to mention the stifling salary of the journalism career he chose that limited his restaurant excursions, the Social Media Puto had no other choice but to learn how to cook for himself.

And he actually became pretty good at it.

But he’s not a pro, which is why he became a regular at Homemade Chefs cooking classes.

The classes, operated by the award-winning Chef George (Jorge Montes) and his sister Vanessa, offer an informal, hands-on cooking experience where students learn to cook various international cuisines.

In other words, the classes are a blast.

More like a dinner party at a friend’s house than a structured regimen with a barking chef, the classes allow students to interact with each other over wine and beer (BYOB) or in Saturday’s case, Sangria, which students made fresh in class as they prepared Spanish dishes.


This is why they call him Chef Sazon

Chef George walks around and gives pointers and demonstrations while Vanessa keeps the music flowing.

The class ends with students sitting at the table eating, laughing and complimenting themselves for the excellent meal they just prepared.

The Social Media Puto hasn’t taken any other cooking classes in South Florida, but is confident to say this is the best cooking class you can find, even if he does have to cross the Miami border into Broward to take them.

He is, however, open to invitations from other classes who are open to be reviewed on this site.

In full disclosure, the Social Media Puto is good friends with Jorge and Vanessa, which means he didn’t even have to write this Puto Post because they would give him free food anyway.

Click here for more info or to see the rest of the photos from the Spanish cooking class. Or if you are interested in having Chef George cater an event, click here.

The Social Media Puto demonstrates the art of "putiando" for food.


Maria P. tastes the sangria she just made with the Social Media Puto

Maria P. serving up some sangria.


Rossemarie munches on a Tostada Catalan before dinner is served.

Tostada Catalan in all its glory.

Rossemarie is saying she saved some for the rest of the class

Gazpacho shooter with pistachos.

Heidi demonstrates her flipping skills

Claudia and Rossemarie with the gazpacho





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