The Social Media Puto Tries the New Cuban Flatbread Sandwich at Dunkin Donuts

It’s hard to be a Social Media Puto because everywhere you go, people want to give you free stuff in the hopes you will write something positive about them.

Take the case of Dunkin Donuts, which recently unveiled a new Cuban flatbread sandwich that is supposed to a Cuban sandwich but without the Cuban bread.

The would automatically make it not a Cuban sandwich. Or at least not a very good Cuban sandwich if you like Cuban bread as much as the Social Media Puto does.

But the Social Media Puto is not one to turn down free food. And neither is Aubrey Swanson, who accompanied the Social Media Puto up to the North Miami Dunkin Donuts Tuesday where they had invited local tweeters to try out the new sandwich.

Like a traditional Cuban sandwich, the Cuban flatbread sandwich comes with roasted pork, glazed ham and Swiss cheese, but instead of pickle slices, it uses a pickle spread. And instead of yellow mustard, it uses Dijon mustard.

Cuban flatbread sandwich, which sells for $3.49

It wasn’t bad, especially for $3.49. But it’s not something the Social Media Puto would actually spend money on, considering he lives in Miami and can buy the real thing on practically any corner.

Perhaps if he lived outside of Miami where Cuban sandwiches are not sold, but Dunkin Donuts is apparently only offering these sandwiches in Miami.

Doesn’t make sense to the Social Media Puto, but who is he to question a multi-billion dollar company?

Lee Reyes-Fournier, a Cuban-American who grew up eating Cuban sandwiches, was less discriminating. The only fault she found with the Cuban flatbread sandwich is that is needed to be more crunchy. You can hear her comments in the above video.

Dunkin Donuts heats their flatbreads in an oven. Traditional Cuban sandwiches are heated in a sandwich press known as a plancha, which brings out the crunch.

The Social Media Puto also believes the pork in the Cuban flatbread sandwiches should be sliced thinner to create a more balanced flavor, but Reyes-Fournier pointed out that the pork was very tender, so it didn’t matter.

A few months ago, the Social Media Puto was invited to try out the flatbreads at Seasons 52 in Coral Gables. They had a Cuban variation, but theirs’ was more like a pizza than a sandwich. And to the Puto’s surprise, he really enjoyed their Cuban flatbread.

The Cuban flatbread from Seasons 52 (in the middle) sells for $8.70 and is delicious

But that sells for $8.70 and it’s not fair to compare Seasons 52, which is a formal sit-down restaurant with a full liquor license, to Dunkin Donuts, which used to only be known for its donuts and now is known for its coffee and is trying to get known for its flatbreads, but will never be known as a formal sit-down restaurant.

Knowing we wouldn’t be satisfied just by eating the Cuban flatbread sandwich, Dunkin Donuts also fed us donuts, Munchkins, cheeseburger and pepperoni/cheese stuffed breadsticks, which reminded the Social Media Puto of those Totino’s pizza rolls his mom would buy when he was a kid and would never buy again now that he has a choice in the matter. But Aubrey really enjoyed the cheeseburger stuffed breadstick.

Out of everything they fed him, the Social Media Puto preferred the cheddar bagel twist and the donuts and Munchkins. He would go back for those.

Dunkin Donuts also handed out little schwag bags, which included a little Dunkin Donuts 2 GB USB flash drive. That made the Social Media Puto very happy.

These ladies show off their schwag bags

Aubrey reaching for a cheddar bagel twist

Cheddar bagel twists

Mountain Dew Coolatta


Pepperoni breadsticks


Lemon filled donuts




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