WLRN’s Under the Sun Keeps Social Media Event Under Wraps


The only thing worse than the Social Media Puto not being invited to a Social Media Party is to hear his friends raving about what a great time they had at that party.

After all, partying is what is all about for the Social Media Puto.

So he was disappointed to learn that several of his Social Media Friends attended the WLRN Under the Sun  “brainstorm session” Thursday night and nobody told him about it.

It’s not like he doesn’t follow WLRN on Twitter. He understands enough about Social Media that you have to follow a company in order to cash in on their parties.

It’s just that WLRN tweeted about it only once. And it was a pretty vague tweet at that.  Last Sunday, in fact, which might as well be last year.

And if they don’t mention free sex, booze or food in the tweet, the Social Media Puto is likely to ignore it.

This is their sole tweet on the event.

And while it’s true that a “brainstorm session” is likely to involve discussions on “metrics” and “SEO”and “branding” and “engagement,” terms that bore the hell out of the Social Media Puto, the event was described as a “Social Media Mixer” on Facebook by his Social Media Friend, Blanca Mejia, who is known as Miami Shines on Twitter.

And if you look at the photo Blanca posted on her Facebook wall, you can see everybody has little green plates in front of them and there is even a few bottles on the table. So there was some indulging to go along with the engaging.


The Social Media Puto wasn’t the only person who felt excluded, judging by the comments on Blanca’s photos. Even James Echols of Soul of Miami said he had not heard of the event. And that guy hears and attends almost every event in Miami. He might even be more of a Social Media Whore than the Social Media Puto himself.

But perhaps WLRN deliberately kept the event low key to prevent the Social Media Puto and his whorish element from crashing the party. After all, it looks like this group is more serious about the brainstorming than the boozing. They don’t even appear concerned that their glasses are all empty.



  1. #1 by Blanca Stella on April 1, 2011 - 9:29 am

    The picture was an illusion and since you posted on April Fools day, it was all a joke to get the Social Media Puto all revved up!!! ;)

  2. #2 by vicequeenmaria on April 1, 2011 - 12:26 pm

    Hey you got paid to go to SXSW, stop bitching!

    By the way, all we did here was help WLRN with social media tips. They brought us in for free consultation.

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